Welcome to Jaycee Consulting and Psychotherapy! Jaycee is a life changing counseling and psychotherapy, health and wellness center. People come here to seek and receive help with problems that are keeping them from becoming more successful in some important areas of their lives. Are you coping with any such problems and trying to deal with them on your own?

Are you coping with anxiety, depression, or toying with pre-marital decisions, or marital distress, anger and stress issues? Alone? By yourself? And it’s now dawned on you that  you must get the services of an experienced professional?

Dr. James Egede will see you but you have to take the first step. Schedule an appointment today as a first step to a fuller, happier, and more productive life. Stop procrastinating!! Now click on CONTACT above to send an e-mail, or voice mail for more information on how to schedule your appointment to see Dr. James Egede.

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